A New Social System

The current social system that governs our world is based on outdated principles and beliefs that no longer serve the...
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At Avondale

FABERFood – as Mother Nature intended
FABER is a contemporary farm-to-fork restaurant that approaches each ingredient with the utmost respect.
FABERFood is handcrafted using the finest fresh and organic ingredients; creating wholesome, innovative dishes that take guests on a memorable journey.

FABER m (genitive fabrī); craftsman, artisan, creator, maker, architect

Plant based meals is available and have never disapointed, as a sorta vegan we would love to be in a world where we can go to this level restaurant that has not got any meat being served but while we wait for that this is one of the best vegan options restaurant I have been to.

The cauliflower dish is amazing and you always get some extra surprises that just takes Faber to the next level.

cauliflower dish